Turnkey Power Plants

Gas TurbineWe provide full or partial turnkey solutions for power plant to developers, owners and operators of projects from 4-1,200 MW .

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  Gas Turbine Engine Sales

Used Gas Turbine Generators

We are number one provider for turnkey solutions with new or used gas turbine engines.

We own the biggest Suppliers and Contractors Database, with access to more than 3,000 suppliers worldwide and over 176,000 MW with new and used gas turbine generators from surplus capacity ready to deliver.

TurnKeyMasters provides all you need to supply your power plant needs in one single place. We have developed the most robust platform in the industry, to guarantee that you’ll get the best offer available.

By encouraging diverse suppliers to compete for your business, you benefit from best prices, the creativity and new perspectives they have to offer.

Turnkey Power Plants
With new and used equipment from surplus stocks you benefit from immediate availability, lower capital costs and sooner operation.

Big manufacturers deliver new equipment on 30 - 36 months. We supply projects from surplus stocks in 6-10 months and hybrid structures with used temporary solutions during the construction

We walk you through the process
we supply all legal Docs (CA, MOU, NDA, BA, SBA, etc) at no cost.

If you need it, then we have it
If you need brand new equipment or if want to try a new or used gas turbine engine (for sale) from our surplus capacity DB just let us know, we can help.